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Dr. Shim is new to our area so not a lot of people have heard of him. If you have seen him or his staff and would like to write a review to help us get the word out, please click on the link. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Shim is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. It took me forever to find an office that was gentle on my teeth. From the moment you walk through the door, the entire staff is friendly and helpful. I have been recommending this office to everyone. I look forward to going to the dentist with this group! – Tracy B. 

Dr. Shim is very gentle, patient, and good at explaining procedures. The hygienists at his practice are fantastic, I felt very relaxed when I had a tooth filled, and that’s not my usual reaction to a dental appointment! – Anonymous


I have been a patient for several years. The care given by the entire staff is exemplary. – Joan J.
I’m satisfied with the work Dr. Shim has done in the short time he’s been my dentist. Now, Frieda. She’s the best! I like Anita, too. Nice people and competent. – Sherrill R.
The team of folks within this office are fantastic. My experience here has always been great. – Anonymous 

1. Never have to wait. 2. Dr. Shim and staff are highly professional, caring – you feel you’re in good hands- they really care for your teeth! 3. I can ask questions— and they are always answered. 4. My hygienist Shelby is tops. – James S.

My mother raised me with a focus on dental hygiene. Our bathrooms were always filled with toothbrushes, backup toothbrushes, and loads of floss😁 With this, I’ve met and experienced many dentists throughout my life. As a new client at Dr. Shim’s, I felt immediately welcomed, heard, and cared for with professionalism and confidence. What I shared with my husband when I returned from my appointment was, “you know when you get a haircut, and you can tell immediately that this person knows what they’re doing? Well, that’s how I felt with Dr. Shim.” Except in this case, my teeth felt brilliant – Elizabeth G.

I just had a comprehensive dental cleaning with one of the hygienists, Frieda, at Dr. Shim’s office. She reviewed my medical history, was attentive to tooth and gum sensitivity during the cleaning and did a very thorough cleaning using both ultrasonic cleaner and hand scaling. Thanks Freida for taking good care of my teeth. – Joanne G.
Staff is always pleasant and easy going. They were attentive to any needs during my procedure and made sure I was informed of what was going to happen and how they were going to attain the results desired. – Anonymous
Dr. Shim is very gentle and great at what he does. Shelby is wonderful and fun to have work on your teeth. Great place to go  – Anonymous
My fiancee Carol and I travel an hour to see Dr. Shim, and it’s well worth the drive!! Why?? Dr.Shim and his staff go above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable and extremely satisfied with your experience and care. Dr. Shim is very patient and sincerely cares about his patients and staff. And the staff… its impressive how they all work so well together! We highly recommend Dr. Shim and his staff for all your dental needs!  – Rinaldo & Carol
My hygienist, Frieda, is a gem. Conscientious, skilled, and warm in equal measure – Anonymous
I always have a great visit with Shelby. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and personable. Thanks! – Cynthia J.
My experience getting a new crown was exceptional. The staff at this dental office are warm and competent. Dr. Shim is soft spoken and focused on doing the best possible work. I love watching his working relationship with his assistant.They are a great team. – Margaret M.
This office is the best by far, don’t waste our time somewhere else, try Dr. Shim!!! – Anonymous
Loved it.!!! Everyone was very friendly, caring made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommended – Sacha D.
Dr Shim does a great job giving you options and does an excellent job with the work – Leeann P.
Anita, Mary, and Dr. Shim were amazing. I am a long time baby when it comes to the dentist. I felt very comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. I am very grateful. I have a long road ahead of me, but it’s good to know I have Anita, Mary and Dr. Shim in my corner. – Sarah C.
I’ve worked with Frieda forever and I like her a lot. I am a committed feminist so I purposefully choose women doctors, lawyers, accountants, and dentists when I can. I’ve developed a comfort level with Frieda and the office staff over time, so when Dr Bonner retired, I decided to stay with the practice. So far Dr. Shim has proved satisfactory. – Anonymous
Dr. Shim left my area last year to take over his own office from a retiring dentist. It takes me roughly 75 minutes to travel to his new office, but it’s well worth the drive. Dr. Shim and his staff are extremely proficient and friendly. His office uses the latest in dental technology. – William B.
My visits with Shelby are always positive. She is very attentive to making me comfortable. She is the best hygienist! Dr. Shim did a superb job in filling a tooth that was in need of a crown. The tooth is still going strong with the pin and filling. I highly recommend him. – Carol M.