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Dr Bonner and her staff are amazing. They have taken someone like me, who has always HATED the dentist, and turned me into a person who values good dental care. I know that they will help me and take very good care of me. Offer me options and suggestions. I feel like I am part of the process, They care so much. I have become a better patient because of them and their inspiration. I am so grateful to have found Dr Bonner and to have Frieda as my Dental Hygenist. A visit there is no longer filled with great anxiety. Everyone should have a place like this to experience dental health. 🙂 – Teresa Weybrew

The best. They worked with me patiently and set up a payment plan so I could get my teeth back in order! Fun people. Great service. Affordable. – Ben Zackheim

Informative, educational and caring. Amazing patience with all of my questions. – A Google User

Dr. Bonner and her team were one of my best experiences I’ve had with dental treatment and I’d highly recommend them to anyone in the Northampton area.

What stood out for me was this team’s sensitivity and care. Going to the dentist is really difficult for many people. Furthermore, there’s a lot of deeply personal and emotional issues that can be relevant to people’s dental histories and on-going dental health – eating disorders/mental illness, drug addiction, poverty, and childhood neglect, to name a few. I really appreciated that as a brand-new patient, Dr. Bonner took the time to meet with me one-on-one in a quiet office to discuss any concerns, rather than expecting me to discuss fears or problems while lying in treatment chair with lots of other staff around. 

During treatment, Dr. Bonner was very careful not to cause more pain or discomfort than necessary. The staff at this office was unfailingly friendly and professional. I was really impressed with this place – too often healthcare professionals can make patients feel inconvenient, dumb, or small but the compassion and respect I experienced at this office has stuck with me for a while. Definitely recommended, especially to anyone who has a hard time visiting the dentist. – Taylor S.