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Meet Dr. Bonner



Dr. Bonner is originally from Philadelphia, PA. She received her bachelor’s degree from Villanova University in PA. After obtaining her degree she worked as a research assistant at Temple University and the University of PA. She was also employed as a clinical microbiologist at several hospitals in Philadelphia. On a part time basis Dr. Bonner received a master’s degree from Drexel University. In 1985, having been accepted to the dental school at Tufts University, she moved to Boston, MA. After receiving her dental degree she was accepted into a residency program at the Tufts University facility for the developmentally disabled and handicapped. This residency program gave Dr. Bonner experience working with individuals who need special care from a medical as well as from a personal perspective.

In 1990 Dr. Bonner moved to Western Massachusetts, associated with Dr. Robert Shamey in a general practice and became Chief of Dentistry at the Tufts’ facility in Amherst.In 1993 she became one of the first sole female practitioners in Northampton, MA and is still enjoying her general practice over 20 years later.